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Upon first look, there may be some aesthetical comparisons to other artists who have come before him. But upon first listen, those parallels immediately begin to fall away. Atlanta-born/Orlando-raised singer-songwriter, Nate Larson is what some would consider blue-eyed Soul, but his musical style has its roots in Gospel and R&B. Nate has managed to tap into his broad range of musical influences while bringing a remarkably fresh sound all his own. Since his beginnings in the fertile musical crescent of Atlanta, Nate has been incessantly grooming his gift of song. “Music was always around me,” he says. He was exposed to both Gospel and contemporary music from an early age, which helped develop and expand his musical palate.

His brilliant lead single, “Close to Love,” a shining testament to Nate’s vocal prowess, was destined for radio play across the country. It charted in at number 35, gained traction on MTV, Vevo, and numerous other streaming sites. 

Nate has recently released an EP of cover songs by his favorite artists. You can find it on his website and other social media.